Great white shark bites chunk out of swimmer as beach shut down

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A 35-year-old has been left in a serious condition after being bitten in the leg by a great white shark in California.

The man was mauled by the shark that was thought to be 6-8ft on Saturday morning whilst out swimming and managed to swim back to shore were he was treated by paramedics.

California Fire Service reported that the man was in a serious condition and needed advanced life support after being taken to Stanford Hospital.

Grey Whale Cove, roughly 20 miles south of San Francisco, has been closed after the vicious attack.

The man was initially meant to be taken to hospital by helicopter, but clouds meant that the helicopter was unable to land. This left paramedics with no choice other than to take the 35-year-old to hospital by ambulance.

Thankfully, he has now been discharged with the injuries being non-life-threatening.

Shark attacks are extremely rare but are not unheard of in the West coast area. In May last year, a man was killed by a great white shark just 55 miles from Half Moon Bay in Santa Cruz. Before last year, the last deadly shark attack in the area was in 2012.

Since 1950, there have been 76 reported shark attacks across California, averaging fewer than two shark attacks a year that have left injuries over the last 71 years.

Last year there were 33 unprovoked shark attacks on humans in the United States, three of which were fatal, according to the University of Florida.

Almost half of the unprovoked attacks happened in Florida. The deaths were in California, Hawaii, and Maine.

A study released earlier this year showed that the population of great whites has increased significantly. According to a study published in Biological Conservation, the population of great whites by as much as 35% in the last 10 years.

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