Google Maps users baffled after spotting tech giant’s car ‘sends rabbit flying’

Google Maps users have been left shocked after spotting a "flying rabbit" that some users allege was hit by a Google Street View car.

On a Reddit forum dedicated to the study of Google Maps, one user posted a photo of the incredible looking "flying rabbit" that some have dubbed as a "hareplane".

Posted by Reddit user No_Gap8070, the photo shows the rabbit in what looks like a leaping pose high above the ground with the caption: "WTF? How is that even possible".

But while some just saw an incredibly high-jumping rabbit, some users claim to have discovered that it had actually just been hit by a Google Street View car.

In more photos taken from further up the road, you can see the poor rabbit's demise play out as the camera-equipped-vehicle hits into it and sends it flying into the air.

One user remarked: "It got hit by the mapping car. Follow the road back and forth and you'll soon see the scene play back for you."

Another replied: "R.I.P. – I thought at first that maybe a Hawk caught it and it freed itself midflight, but pretty sure they kill hares on the ground."

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A third user said: "That rabbit got launched! How fast was the car going lol."

Despite the sad reason for the rabbit's flight, users were still finding a funny side to the Google Maps spot.

"It’s just a hare on the lens," joked one user.

Another said: "Coming in for a landing at O’Hare airport."

A third remarked:" What a specimen. The landing might be harey."

"Hare raising," said another.

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In other Google Maps news, a lad in Maidenhead was snapped flashing his bare backside at the Google Maps camera while his friends watched

Reddit user u/LivingAffectionate64 posted the teenager's rude gesture to the Street View van to the subreddit r/googlemapsshenanigans after spotting it on Sunderland Road in Maidenhead.

The screenshot shows three young men walking past a silver car as one in a black tracksuit bent forward to moon the camera.

His pals, both dressed in grey shorts, were walking on the path next to him watching his gag.

The Reddit user wrote: "Someone pulled down their pants for the camera."

The snap, which was found at the coordinates 51.5293576, -0.7505962 on the app today, was taken by Google in July 2019.

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