Girl, 5, mauled to death by escaped leopard as she played outside family home

A five-year-old girl was mauled to death by a leopard while she was playing outside her family home.

Little Adha Shakeel was snatched by the rogue mammal while she was alone outdoors shortly before dinner in the Badjam district in Kashmir, India.

Her family rushed outside when they heard screams from the schoolgirl at around 7.40pm but saw the predator run off, leaving her necklace and slippers in a nearby thicket.

The army and police joined locals in a search operation on Thursday, June 3, but found the little girl's body torn in half just 11 hours after the attack.

After promising to take action following the horrifying incident, police have now suspended a local wildlife range officer for negligence and have launched an investigation into the attack.

Adha's grief-stricken grandfather Ghulam Hassan Mir said: "Had the concerned authorities reacted earlier this would have had not happened.

"She was an apple of my eye. She was our princess, she was your daughter. We're doomed.

"Adha was incredible."

Locals claim sightings of leopards had been reported to wildlife officials but nothing had been acted on.

Local Irshad said: "We have repeatedly requested the wildlife authorities to get things sorted as leopards have been on the prowl for some time now".

Another neighbour Mushtaq Ahmed added: "The latest attack has spread panic in the area. We're all restless after losing a precious soul".

Following the fatal attack, local nurseries are urging authorities to crack down on the rogue leopards in the area in order to prevent further deaths.

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