Gangster Ronnie Kray double is spotted shopping in Asda supermarket

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A Ronnie Kray double was spotted shopping for fruit and veg.

The dead-ringer for the gangster – with Ronnie-style slicked-back hair specs and smart clothes – was seen browsing in an Asda branch.

One amused shopper posted a picture of the lookalike online and wrote: “Ronnie Kray is alive and well and shopping in ASDA.”

The snap is believed to have been taken at a store in east London.

A Twitter user responded saying: “That’s Tom Hardy I fink and is it the Beckton Asda”.

British actor Hardy played Ronnie and his ruthless twin Reggie in the 2015 film Legend.

East End mobster Ronnie, 61, died in hospital in 1995, two days after he collapsed on a ward at Broadmoor where he was serving life for murder.

Ronnie and his brother Reggie have passed into history as celebrity figures after their organised crime and nightclub ownership saw them mix with gangsters, politicians and entertainers alike.

The notorious brothers were boxers in their early lives before going into national service, where they were thrown out after reportedly throwing tantrums and handcuffing a guard.

Ronnie and Reggie started their criminal organisation, The Firm, fairly late in life in their early 50s, committing several crimes through armed robberies, arson, protection rackets, assaults and murder over two decades.

In January, an ITV documentary made the shocking claim that Reggie "didn't want to be a villain" — and was instead influenced by his brother.

Ronnie was incarcerated in 1956 for wounding with intent, and served time at Wandsworth Prison before being transferred to a mental health facility, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

And at the time his twin was behind bars, Reggie instead ran a successful bar on the outside which, though it attracted fellow gangsters, proved a draw for regular members of the public too.

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