Gang of teens stamp on girl, 15, in sickening attack caught on camera

A disturbing broad daylight attack caught on video shows a 15-year-old being chased down by a gang of teenagers who then stamp on her while she’s helpless on the floor.

In the clip, filmed in New York, US, the victim is seen lying on her back while gripping onto her phone tightly.

A teenager runs over and kicks her, looking as if he is trying to knock the phone out of her hand but then falls over.

Countless other teenagers then run over – with one jumping straight onto the girl while she desperately tries to defend herself by kicking out.

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Countless other youths then aim a barrage of kicks at the victim who is hidden from view in the carnage.

The sickening crime which occurred in Brooklyn at 4pm yesterday was described as a "gang assault" by the New York Police Department who released the footage in a plea for witnesses and information today.

Disgusted Twitter users were appalled by the footage and insisted that justice had to be done.

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One person wrote: "Each and every one of those boys. Each and everyone, need a minimum of one-year punishment, specifically cleaning streets, community centers, girl bathrooms. A major lifelong lesson learned."

Blasting how they ganged-up on the girl, a second person said: "Like a pack of dogs. They need to be held accountable but in NY they will be released on mo bail to continue this crap."

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Police said the 15-year-old girl was approached by the group and then was punched and kicked to the ground before her belongings were forcibly taken.

This comes after a 93-year-old woman was left black and blue when she was beaten in her bed by thugs who ransacked her home.

And an unknown man was caught on surveillance footage in a bus hitting a stranger's baby before walking away.

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