Fuming security chase bloke after he steals whole tip jar at strip club

Shocking footage has re-emerged of a man swiping the tip jar from the front desk of a strip club.

The video appears to have been filmed on a CCTV camera. It was originally shared in 2021 but is doing the rounds after being reposted by the @LAF**KERVIBES Twitter account.

According to reports at the time it was captured at PT's Men's Club in Dallas, Texas, US.

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The video starts off with a man wearing a grey Nike hoodie stood over the tip bowl, counting out notes as if he is about to put some in.

As he eventually drops something in he grabs the bowl and makes a quick dash to the door, much to the horror of the two strippers working at the reception.

Just a metre or so away are two men talking, one clearly a security guard because of how he's dressed.

The receptionists can be heard shouting him into action, after which there's a two second delay as he processes what is happening before he takes off after the thief.

Reacting to the clip online, one person asked: "Why isn't the jar glued to the desk or something? That was too easy."

Several people commented about the security guard's response. One wrote: "The security guard [was] way too into the conversation [he] forgot he was security for a second."

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Another asked: "Why security just stand there?"

Others put forward an interesting theory about the man who appears talking to the security guard before the jar is nabbed.

One person said: "My guy talking to the security guard was the mastermind."

Agreeing, a second wrote: "The guy in the back had to have been an accomplice. He was distracting the security guard the whole time while watching the man."


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