Frisky ‘sex demon’ subjects pensioner, 87, to terrifying bedtime antics

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    A thing that goes “hump” in the night has forced the owner of one of Britain’s most haunted buildings to move out.

    Caroline Humphries says ghost-hunter guests complained they were assaulted by a sex demon at the Ancient Ram Inn.

    Her late father John, 87 and a Baptist minister, also had various scary encounters with the frisky spook.

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    Despite the inn becoming a hotspot for fans of the paranormal after it was on Britain’s Most Haunted, Caroline says she’s had enough.

    She said: “The sex demon has driven me out of my home – there’s nothing will get me back there now.”

    Caroline, 61, recalled: “My dad constantly complained about the sex demon that touched his legs and pressed upon his body when he didn’t want it to happen.

    "It always happened when he was lying down trying to get some rest.

    “Once, the bed started to vibrate. He passed out and when he came to, his arms were above his head.

    "There was pressure all over his body and something was feeling his groin.

    “He could not move or speak and when it released him he couldn’t stop shaking. He left the room and went downstairs utterly exhausted and unable to sleep for many nights.

    "Now we’ve started to have other guests tell me they’ve had the same thing happen to them.

    “I have not experienced it myself, but I don’t want to be next.”

    Caroline has lived at the spooky property, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, since 2001.

    And since then she’s seen a host of ghostly events, including her bedside cabinet tumbling down the stairs and pictures falling off walls.

    She added: “I have no doubt that the Ancient Ram Inn is haunted and I don’t feel guilty about saying it is or for selling tickets for a paranormal events.

    “I have seen it, I have felt it and I know it exists.”


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