‘Flippant’ Queen questioned future of Royal Family as popularity plummeted

The Queen is said to have doubted whether or not the Royal Family would survive after feeling her popularity with the public had fallen.

Her Majesty had "flippantly" asked whether or not The Firm would survive the series of troubling blows, with a handful of royal experts discussing the reaction of royals to public opinion.

A documentary titled The Real Windsors from Channel 4 has claimed that "people started attacking" the 96-year-old monarch for being "out of touch".

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Royal experts were on hand to understand the doubts the Queen had during the early years of her reign as monarch, where she wondered whether the family had a future.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said: "We know that the Queen herself was worried in these years about people's opinion of herself and the way she was doing her job.

"There's even a quote, at this time, from someone who spoke to the Queen. She's reported to have said, totally flippantly, [that] she very much doubted whether the monarchy, the system, herself, would still be in business in five years time."

Former press secretary to Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell, was also on hand to offer insight into the Queen's strategy and need for public interest in the family.

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Campbell said: "Her people will say to you that she understands that if you get to a point where the public doesn't have any interest in you, respect for you, then the monarchy seizes to exist.

"They do rely on that sense of public support."

The Queen became the longest-reigning British monarch back in 2015, and celebrated an unprecedented 70 years on the throne at her Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year.

He Majesty's time on the throne began on February 6, 1952, with the monarch taking hold of the crown after the death of her father, George VI, Daily Express reported.

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