Fans claim YouTube star ‘faked plane crash’ as authorities launch probe

A YouTube star has been accused of faking a plane crash after jumping out of an aircraft in a viral video.

Trevor Jacob uploaded the dramatic clip to his YouTube account on Christmas Eve, which has since reached a staggering 528,000 views.

But some of his 127,000 subscribers have questioned whether the crash actually took place which he says happened while travelling to Mammoth Lakes, California, to spread one of his friend's ashes.

The authorities are now said to be investigating.

The crash is believed to have taken place in Los Padres National Forest near Cuyama, California after the snowboarder had taken off from Lompoc Airport on November 24.

During the video, the YouTube star, 28, is seen jumping to safety after his engine reportedly failed mid-air, reports Lad Bible.

The footage offers three angles of him diving out of the plane, head first, with the assistance of a parachute.

He then manages to reach safety before he goes on a search for the plane, which he located. Jacob said he is lucky he is to have survived the crash.

Right at the end of the video, Jacob proceeds with his mountain hike so he could mark the memory of his late friend.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told AVweb: "The FAA is investigating this event. The agency does not discuss open investigations."

The video has circulated far and wide with users reported to have slowed down the frames in a bid to "prove" the footage is fake.

One person wrote: "I’m pretty convinced Trevor Jacob crashed his aeroplane on purpose for YT (YouTube) content.

"No attempt to restart the engine?

"Didn’t even look for possible landing sites? Just immediately bails and parachutes down?

"Cameras angled exactly right to film his bail? It’s too suspect."

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Another person said: "Lol. Trevor Jacob bought a ridge wallet, and then intentionally bailed on his plane, letting it nose dive into the mountains. That type of plane was a STOL, and it had bush tires.

"Coincidence? Or maybe the weight of the ridge wallet caused him to use too much fuel? Hmmm."

A third person said: "If anyone knows anything about aviation – they’ll know how staged this was and how easy it would have been to glide to that riverbed. Hope you get the attention you wanted buddy."

Trevor Jacob is yet to address the claims on social media.

The Daily Star has contacted him for comment.

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