Family renovating home astonished to find relic from child who once lived there

A family renovating their home were left stunned after they peeled back shingles smothered across a wall and found a vintage baseball card collection.

Realtor Melissa Brodt, 51, and her son, Luke, 23, came across more than 1,000 baseball cards hiding behind the wall at their new home in Idaho, Boise, USA.

The property, which was built in 1969, was purchased by the pair in December after Melissa considered it to be a fixer-upper.

She began gutting the home straight away and after three weeks she set her sights on a bedroom and removed the green asphalt roof shingles.

Under the layers, the mum and son found 1,600 baseball cards, dating back to the 1970s and 1980s, reports the Daily Mail.

They featured famous players at the time such as Dave Revering, Jack Lazorko, Dan Schatzeder, Willie Hernandez and Whitey Herzog and more.

"I was surprised, shocked, confused," Melissa told station KTVB. "I wasn't sure what I was looking at until we continued to pull down the shingles."

Her son Luke added: "My mum started and then screamed from the other room.

"Then I came running, hoping there was not mould. I was surprised to see there was not mould."

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After doing some digging, Melissa realised that the large collection belonged to the son of the former homeowner Chris Nelson, who said he had up to 15,000 cards at the time.

The 44-year-old said his mother suggested that they glue some of the collection to the wall which became a main feature in his room for years.

"In the late 80s, I was absolutely obsessed with baseball," he told CNN.

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"We got some pretty strong adhesive and each of us got a stack of cards and a brush, and we would just paint the glue on the back and tack them up on the wall."

He said it was a "nice little family activity" at the time but the wall was eventually caked with shingles and painted in a dark green colour.

Melissa Brodt has since uploaded images of the mega-collection on social media and has been urged to find out what the value is despite it being glued to the wall.

"We don't have any interest in keeping it because it doesn't really go with mid-century modern decor and we're not really baseball fans," she said.

Luke said he tried to remove the cards but stopped after the pictures had started to tear away from the card backing.

The pair haven't decided what to do with the backing but they have been asked whether they would consider selling the wall mural or commercialise it.

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