Family living with 30,000-strong ‘bee tornado’ trying to remove them

A mum has spoken of her and her daughter's horror after their home was plagued by thousands of bees.

Kayley Harding, 30, has told of the terrifying three colonies that have invaded her home, with their council-owned flat "completely taken over" by the winged insects.

Thousands of bees were spotted converging on the floor of the family bathroom and a dark mass of thousands more seen climbing around outside of Kayley's window.

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Despite her claims that there are "30,000 bees" in and around the council flat, the mum says she has received very little help from local authorities in West Bletchley, Buckinghamshire.

Kayley, who lives at the property with nine-year-old daughter Lacey, says the bees have been a growing problem every summer for the last three years.

The concerned mum said: "We've got over 30,000 bees. They all seem to congregate on the ground floor overnight but in the morning they disperse and they're all over the building.

"When they're swarming, it honestly looks like a tornado. It's awful. They sometimes swarm at the back of the building so we can't really use the courtyard."

The mum also worried that her daughter or neighbours could receive an allergic reaction to the bees.

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She continued: "You can stand on them at any time because they're all on the stairwell. If my daughter gets stung, how do I know she's not going to have an allergic reaction?"

One neighbour has already buzzed off to a nearby hotel and locked themselves away so as to avoid the bee tornado, The Sun reported.

Kayley said: "My neighbour with an EpiPen is being moved to a hotel for tonight. But what is one night going to do? These bees have taken over. The council just don't listen. I don't think they're taking it seriously at all."

A Milton Keynes council spokesperson has said: "We’re carrying out a cleaning operation to remove the bees and have provided hotel accommodation for one resident. The council is looking at long-term solutions with our contractor."

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