Ex-adult star Mia Khalifa ‘violently humbled’ by best mate at boozy dinner

Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa was left 'violently humbled' by her best mate at a boozy dinner after challenging her to an arm wrestling match.

The Lebanese brunette, 28, shared a series of videos on her Instagram page that saw model Jenna Lee beat her in the one-armed duel.

Mia had previously posted a teaser photo of her and Jenna engaged and ready for the battle, with a poll for her followers to vote on who they thought would win.

But after 76% of voters selected her, the Beirut-born beauty told them: "Y'all are so lucky you didn't have to put real money on this, cause 76% of you would be broke."

In the next clip, a giggling Jenna is heard accusing Mia of 'stalling'.

A third pal at the dinner counts down them down and Jenna instantly pins Mia's arm to the table.

In a video captioned 'I was VIOLENTLY humbled', Mia laughs: "I was so confident in myself."

Jenna quips: "I didn't even start" before adding: "I already told you I could take you both… now I've gotten some ego on me."

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Mia then jokes to the camera: "Next video, we're gonna fight."

But instead of fighting with her pal, in her next video she wowed fans with a mirror selfie in her bikini.

Mia first hit headlines after she wore a hijab in an adult video during her short stint in the industry back in 2014 during which time she became the most watched star on PornHub.

But a video of her performing sexual acts while wearing a Hijab was met with controversy in the Middle East and saw her receive death threats from terrorist organisation ISIS.

She quit the porn industry to become a sports presenter and once appeared on Arsenal Fan TV to discuss her love of West Ham.

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