Evil nanny murdered two kids and left ‘bloody’ bodies in bath for mother to find

A children’s nanny murdered the two kids she was looking after in what one paramedic called the "bloodiest" crime scene he’d ever attended.

The bathroom where six-year-old Lucia Krim and her brother Leo, 2, were killed was "the worst I’ve ever seen, other than 911," according to first responder Kevin Orr.

No clear reason has ever been given why Yoselyn Ortega, then 55, killed the two children in October 2012.

Michael Minahan, the superintendent of the New York apartment building where the children’s parents Marina and Kevin Krim lived.

After hearing Marina Krim’s screams he rushed up the stairs and into the Krims’ bathroom.

Ortega was staring into the bathroom mirror, he said. Blood was pouring from a gash in her throat where she had cut herself.

"I could see the tub and I could see, I would say, bodies or clothing or something," he added.

But, he said he couldn’t bear to look at the bodies.

He went on: "I could see blood. I did my best not to take my eyes off Miss Ortega. I saw red."

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Ortega had one bloody knife in her hand; a second knife was in the blood-covered sink. Minahan called the police. When NYPD officer Salvatore Provenzano arrived, Minahan was still at the door.

"His face [was] white," Provenzano later testified.

"He was sweating and he was holding the door shut with his two hands and his foot. He said, 'whatever is behind that door is pure evil'."

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Provenzano’s partner Bradley Gore checked the children for signs of life, but there was little chance. Lucia had been stabbed more than 30 times, and Leo was stabbed six times. The bath was "full of blood".

City medical examiner Dr. Susan Ely said that the children had not been killed instantly.

"Only some of [the knife wounds] were fatal. That takes an order of minutes, not seconds," she said.

"Bleeding to death takes minutes."

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Dr Ely told the court that the defensive injuries on Lucia’s arms and hands proved there was "quite a lot of movement and struggle to get away from this knife".

Leo had been stabbed so many times that pathologists said the toddler had "no blood left in his body" by the time he reached the autopsy table.

At Ortega’s trial, the crime-scene photos were not presented to the court on a screen but instead were handed to the jury in a folder.

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The jurors silently passed the photos around. Some silently wept as they looked at the shocking images.

One juror was removed from the trial after telling court officers he could no longer be fair and impartial after seeing the horrific crime scene pictures.

Ortega pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to two counts of murder in the first and second degrees.

At the trial, Manhattan Supreme Court heard Ortega suffered from hallucinations and psychotic episodes from a young age.

In court, Ortega claimed she had been forced to commit the horrific crime because she had been "touched by the devil".

Kevin Krim described Ortega as "an evil and utterly dangerous narcissist".

Ortega was found guilty of first-degree murder and second-degree murder on April 18, 2018. Three weeks later, she was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In his ruling, Judge Carro said Ortega was "pure evil", and said her family were partly to blame for concealing her condition.

Since the death of their two eldest children, Kevin and Marina have gone on to have two more kids, Felix, born in 2013, and Linus, born in 2016.

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