EU facing devastating new challenge after coronavirus exposes flaws ‘Fighting to exist!’

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Former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox argued tension is continuing to grow in the European Union between member states. During an interview with, Ms Fox argued it had nothing to do with Brexit but rather how the European Union is run. She claimed both pro-EU states Germany and France were aware of the issues building in the bloc and the difficult future ahead for the Union.

Ms Fox said: “I don’t think there is going to be a fight to leave among the member states.

“But I do think there will be a real challenge there.”

Ms Fox also reflected on the growing tension between the bodies of the European Union and member states.

She said: “Ursula von der Leyen basically said the laws get made in Luxembourg, they don’t get made anywhere else.

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“She was talking about the European Court of Justice.

“The German court’s response, one of the most pro-EU countries, said no, we are Germany we make our own laws.

“You are trying to usurp and undermine national lawmaking.”

Ms Fox also commented on the EU’s response and the difficulties likely to follow for the bloc.

Ms Fox said: “The European Union said all we are trying to say is we are not a threat to the nation-state.

“That they want to be a happy family of nation-states together.

“I think that has been exposed now and discussed more openly and there is now a great deal of disgruntlement within the EU.

“This has got nothing to do with Brexit but the fact that this Union has always been artificial.

“There is all sorts of infighting going on within the European Union.”

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Ms Fox noted the EU will have to deal with the aftermath of the coronavirus in addition to the difficulties of growing member state tension.

She continued: “I think French President Emmanuel Macron made the point that they have come up with this big deal now to help the weaker states but I think it may be a bit too little too late.

“Even though it is an incredibly generous package, the small print doesn’t seem to offer anyways out for the people that are going to get these grants.

“Macron made the point this is the test of the EU and at the moment we are failing.

“We have got to sort this out or the EU will continue to have an existential crisis.”

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