Estate agent shows map of best places to survive nuclear war in the UK

With yet another nuclear threat from Russian despot Vladimir Putin, a handy map made by an estate agent has shown the safest places in the UK to survive a devastating nuclear strike.

The Russian president warned he was "not bluffing" at using every weapon at his disposal in a recent speech that showcased the despot's stern words for those wondering whether retaliation over the war in Ukraine would hold true.

In the unlikely event of total nuclear annihilation coming to the UK, this map from Emoov could come in handy, showing potentially targeted areas and the bits of land that will avoid nuclear annihilation.

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Good locations and spots for avoiding nuclear strikes were listed on the map as despot Putin warned he would use "all means necessary" in retaliating to the West.

As some Brits begin to worry over a potentially disastrous nuclear campaign from Russia, the estate agent map could come in handy, as it doesn't hurt to plan ahead.

Potential buyers may want to avoid anywhere near a naval or RAF base, as they are likely the targets at the top of Putin's list.

Instead, it appears the North West of England and Lake District areas are the most nuclear-free options for first-time buyers and those planning a move.

Those living in Leeds may want to consider a move as according to the map the Midlands city is a keen nuclear target.

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Other cities that may be the targets of nuclear warheads include Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norwich, Norfolk, and London.

Much of North Wales and Snowdonia will be left standing, with the 2018 Emoov map noting that Isle of Anglesey and Aberystwyth will have a lower radiation level than most parts of the UK.

A good chunk of Scotland could be safe if the map is to be believed, with anywhere from Fort William to John o'Groats relatively unchecked by nuclear annihilation.

It is bad news, however, for Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, which all appear to be prime nuclear warhead targets and would experience the effects of radiation and a fireball from the blast.

For those hoping to stick somewhere closer to home, then those in the south will be delighted to see that Dover, Folkestone and Margate are still available to live in, with prices ranging from £216,134 to £236,488 per property.

Those further up north can of use Whitby as a safe haven.

Southampton, Brighton and Cambridge are all also set for a complete nuclear blowout, if Emoov's map is accurate.

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