Entire town turns out for man who ate entire rotisserie chicken for 40 days

An entire town has turned out to celebrate man who ate an entire rotisserie chicken every day for 40 days

Alexander Tominsky, 31, managed to reach legend status in Philadelphia after his eating marathon, and had his achievement capped off with a crowd surrounding him chanting "eat that bird".

Tominsky had documented his journey with daily selfies on Twitter and posted signs inviting the masses to witness what would be his final chicken feast at the abandoned pier by Walmart.

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The city, which had in the space of five hours, lost both the World Series in baseball and the Major League Soccer Cup needed a celebration to sink its teeth into, and this is where "The Philadelphia Chicken Man" came in.

Peculiarly the challenge didn't come about due to a lost bet, or for any financial gain, it was, in his own words, to do something that brings him pain to make others smile.

“Sounds weird,” he told The New York Times. “But I just felt like I was doing this for a very important reason.”

Tominsky's original plan was to eat rotisserie chicken for 30 days, but he extended for 10 more days after he felt he had not gone far enough.

He said at the beginning there were no issues, and he would eat the chickens in 20 minutes, but a few weeks in he started to feel cramped up and believed he could “feel the pulse of my heart in my stomach.”

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The entire chicken consumption had by this time slowed down to two hours.

With the chicken being is only meal of the day Tominsky lost 16lbs (7kg) over the 40 days, and he said he got so sick of chicken he started chewing it into pieces before washing it down.

After his challenge was over Tominsky told The NY Times he was happy it’s over.

“My body is ready for repair,” he said.


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