Elon Musk says brain implants will help humans combat ‘existential threat’ of AI

Billionaire Elon Musk has claimed his planned brain implants will help humans compete with the "existential threat" of artificial intelligence (AI).

On Friday the tech entrepreneur unveiled a pig whose brain he claims was implanted with a small computer.

The Tesla founder said: "We have a healthy and happy pig, initially shy but obviously high energy and, you know, kind of loving life, and she’s had the implant for two months."

He presented the pig with his neurosciences start-up Neuralink, and scientists hope it could help cure neurological conditions and allow people with paralysis to control a computer mouse.

But Musk also said it can help humans compete with AI, which he considers an "existential threat".

Musk described the new device as "a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires".

It will be implanted in the brain by a surgical robot using local anesthesia and is removable, he added.

He also presented another pig, named Dorothy, who he said had one of the devices removed.

Musk said: “What Dorothy illustrates is that you can put in the Neuralink, remove it, and be healthy, happy and indistinguishable from a normal pig.”

On Friday Musk also said he hoped such devices could also be used to summon a Tesla, play video games or allow someone with a severed spinal cord to walk again.

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But he did not present any scientific data to support his claims about the pigs or the devices, reports the Guardian.

On Monday Daily Star Online revealed how a sex robot prototype is capable of placing itself into sex positions, its creator claimed.

Sex tech entrepreneur, Roberto Cardenas, claims the doll can move itself into 20 different positions.

Author Jenny Kleeman writes in her book Sex Robots & Vegan Meat: "Of course, Roberto has heard rumours about the work going on in Abyss Creations' RealDoll room, and the sex doll manufacturers who are experimenting with animatronics.

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"But he hopes that if he can beat them all and be the first to produce a sex robot that can put herself into sexual positions, he'll have the commercial edge.

"'For full body movement, I'm pretty much one of the first ones', he says.

"He's also undercutting his rivals on price: his robots will cost $8,000 to $10,000, and five customers have already paid for theirs in advance.

"By the time we drive into the compound and pull up outside Roberto's garage, Eva has had quite a build-up. He flicks the switch to pull up the garage door to reveal his workshop, and it feels like a curtain is being very slowly lifted.

"Eva, the robot he claims can put herself in over 20 different sex positions, the robot he says can crawl and moan and has fully functional AI, the robot he told me was 'ready twenty-four seven', is lying headless and footless on a trestle table at the back of the garage.

"Her metal skeleton is clearly visible under her silicone skin, which has thick jagged seams. It looks like a mess."

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