Elle Brooke jokes mum is dissapointed as ‘sister’ joins OnlyFans family business

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OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has joked that her mum is no fan of the fact that her 'sister' has followed her lead and set up a creator's profile on the X-rated app.

"Our mum is disappointed," she wrote on Twitter, posing fully nude and pointing her bum towards the camera, alongside fellow blonde Emily Brooke, who retweeted the message.

Emily makes regular comments calling Elle her sister on social media, including in September last year when the pair donned matching underwear and Emily tweeted: "Your two favourite sisters."

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She also supports the porn star, even dragging Elle's nemesis Astrid Wett on Twitter.

"I’m going to be so gassed when she knocks her out," she wrote after quote tweeting a Daily Star story about the now-cancelled fight between her sister and Wett.

In October 2021 she revealed that the pair have matching tattoos saying Ohana, a Hawaiian term meaning "family".

Elle Brooke has a new opponent for her boxing fight in the form of former Love Island star AJ Bunker after OnlyFans and TikTok rival Astrid Wett sensationally pulled out.

Elle is set to square off against AJ Bunker, who appeared for a brief stint on season seven of the ITV reality show.

The announcement came after the pair shared insults online.

Taking to her Instagram Story, AJ said her agent had "been in touch to arrange" a fight but heard nothing back.

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She later said: "I guess you’re just doing it for the money and the exposure then and not for the love of the sport you keep going on about.

"You’ve been begging for an opponent… yet you won’t take anything offered to you."

TikTok star Elle was quick to hit back, writing: "Of course I love the sport, but the fight still has to make sense.

"No one knows who you are, so how are they meant to get excited?"

However, it appears Elle has since changed her mind. Both of the stars shared promo posters on Instagram yesterday, confirming the fight is set to take place at the Indigo in London's O2 Arena on July 16.

AJ has her chance after OnlyFans star Astrid pulled out of the fight with Elle, dubbing the event a "freakshow" following a truly bizarre pre-fight press conference which saw them trade blows on two occasions.


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