Elephant looks terrified as it’s chased backwards by baby buffalo in funny video

An elephant has been filmed frantically reversing away from a baby buffalo that is charging towards it.

In the clip, recorded in South Africa, the giant elephant looks terrified of the baby animal – which doesn’t even reach its knee in height – and trumpets loudly during the frantic ordeal.

Meanwhile, the baby buffalo’s mum trots along after it, as if worried that her calf is about to get into serious trouble.

The elephant eventually manages to dodge around the calf and its mum then gently herds it away.

Reddit viewers have up-voted the amazing video 48,000 times since it was shared earlier today.

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Amused, one person wrote: “The mum is like “JOEY, GET AWAY FROM THAT ELEPHANT!… (to elephant) I’m SO sorry!”

The encounter was also compared to a 2011 viral video of a dog chasing deer in Richmond Park, while its owner helplessly screamed “Fenton”.

"FENTON! JESUS CHRIST!" wrote one viewer.

“And mom is just like “FENTON!!” joked another person in a similar vein.

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The footage was filmed by Andrew Cohen in 2017 and was previously uploaded onto YouTube account Kruger Sightings but went viral on Reddit today.

Explaining the amazing encounter, Andrew told LatestSightings.com: “We were going for our late afternoon drive while taking it very slowly when we came up to a reservoir and decided to stop and watch for a while.

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“We saw a buffalo cow walking out from behind the bush towards the waterhole, and in tow was her brand new little calf following diligently behind her.

“We then noticed the ellie coming from the left-hand side towards the mom and baby buffalo.

“It seemed as if he wanted to interact with them both, but this baby wasn’t having any of it!

“As soon as the young buffalo caught glimpse of the elephant, he charged towards him and had the ellie pedaling backward and trumpeting.”

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