Dumped Ukrainian refugee whose boyfriend left his partner for her flies home

A Ukrainian refugee is heading back to the war-torn country after being dumped by her British love rat.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, left Manchester on a plane to Poland on Monday (October 3) with plans to then travel by bus to be reunited with her Kyiv-based family.

The broken-hearted IT manager decided to flee the UK after being ditched by security guard Tony Garnett, who had left the mother of his two daughters to begin a relationship with Sofiia after having welcomed her into the family home as a refugee.

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Speaking to The Sun from Manchester Airport's departure lounge, Sofiia said: "I am going back to Ukraine because of the situation with me and Tony here. I need some support from my family and I have not seen them for six months.

"I was living in a hostel and I did not have a plan for the next stage so I have to go home. I have mixed feelings about my time in England.

"There were a lot of good things but it became really hard for me and I didn’t expect all of the public reaction which was difficult. But I have been left with a very good impression of people here.

"I am so grateful to everyone for the way they have been willing to help me and other people from Ukraine after the war. I have no idea what the future holds for me now."

Tony, 29, drove Sofiia to the airport from his home in Bradford in a reverse trip to the one he made five months ago after she had fled the war.

He had offered Sofiia a room in his family home on Facebook having grown frustrated by the slowness of the Government's refugee homing scheme.

Following her arrival, he then wasted no time in flirting with her.

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He spoke to her in Slovenian – a similar language to Ukrainian – that Lorna, his partner for 10 years, could not understand.

The pair then started to watch late-night TV together after Lorna, 28, had gone to bed.

They also went to the gym with each other and, when Sofiia began cooking meals for Tony, Lorna had seen enough.

But, after asking Sofiia to leave, she was astonished when Tony said: "If she’s going, I’m going."

The pair then went to stay with Tony's parents before renting their own place.

Just four months later, though, Tony had also jilted Sofiia, who told The Sun that he had treated her like a domestic slave, as she cooked and cleaned after him.

She also claimed that he spent all his money on online gambling, whilst her £500-a-month benefits paid for food and bills.

Sofiia subsequently moved into emergency accommodation, where she struggled to make ends meet.

But, now on her way back to her homeland, she remains defiant, saying: "I will not let him win. Ukrainian women are strong. Vladimir Putin will not destroy us – and Tony Garnett will not destroy me."


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