Driver of construction truck dies in crash at Gross Reservoir.

The driver of a truck hauling 7,000 pounds of rock and stone died in a crash at a Gross Reservoir construction site. Public recreation access to the reservoir has been shut down.

Emergency responders are working on the crash, which took place overnight. The construction vehicle veered off a road and into the reservoir, according to Denver Water.

Responders, including the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, are searching for the driver’s body, said Master Trooper Gary Cutler of the State Patrol.

The driver was hauling rock when the edge of a road gave way and the truck tumbled into the reservoir, Cutler said.

All activities in the area, including on-water recreation, camping, hiking and picnicking have been shut down by the incident. Officials ask the public to avoid the area until access is reopened.

Construction work to expand the reservoir in Boulder County began in March. An investigation into the crash is ongoing.


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