Dr Rudi’s shooting: Police hunt for suspect responsible for firing gun at Auckland bar


Police say they have a fairly good idea about who might be responsible for a shooting at an Auckland bar over the weekend.

Police said a gun was fired more than once in the early hours of Sunday after a fight outside Dr Rudi’s Rooftop bar. No-one was hurt, and no arrests have been made.

Police acting area commander Scott Gemmell told RNZ they have been investigating the incident robustly and executed some search warrants last night.

“Unfortunately, [the offender] wasn’t located last night but the inquiries will continue today.

“We have a pretty good idea on the suspect … we do have a pretty good idea on those that were present at the time, we’re just trying to locate those people and be able to have a word with them to see how they are involved.”

Gemmell said the weapon used was more of a pistol rather than a rifle and the majority of shots were fired in the air, with one round smashing the glass ceiling of the foyer area.

“Whether it was in the air or whether it was in the direction of people, we’re very fortunate that nobody was hurt or killed in this instance.”

He said they could not give further details on the incident for now, but could not ascertain gang links at this stage.

He said it was concerning a person would feel it was necessary to carry a firearm into a public space.

“I find that really concerning, I know that members of our community that are going into town for what would be a joyous evening are subjected to something like this, it’s unacceptable, we want to make sure those who are responsible are caught and brought to justice.

“We absolutely understand and recognise that an incident of this type is a huge concern to us and our community … please be assured that we have a team of detectives working on this as we speak.”

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