Dozens of coffins left dangling in the air after creepy crypt collapses

It might have looked like a macabre Halloween display but the sight of a dozen coffins dangling in the air was actually caused by the serious collapse of a four-storey building.

For a second time this year, a crypt at the largest cemetery in the Italian city of Naples – named the Poggioreale Monumental Cemetery – caved in on Monday (October 17) afternoon with dramatic photographs, featuring the caskets and funeral urns it housed, quickly emerging of the eerie scene.

Some critics have blamed the poor management of cemeteries in Naples for the collapse of the marble building, whilst others have pointed to the work taking place nearby on an underground metro line.

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Rain has also been cited as an alternative possible explanation.

The site has now been closed to members of the public as an investigation aims to determine the cause.

A local councillor described how he heard a bang and saw a "dense cloud of dust" as dozens of graves were destroyed as the building came crashing down.

As reported by The Guardian, Vincenzo Santagada said: "As an administration, we are taking care of all the necessary formalities."

It is understood that the investigators are now speaking to 20 people regarding their alleged involvement in the underground subway construction work.

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During the previous collapse at the cemetery in January, more than 300 graves were destroyed according to local reports with the Naples Prosecutor’s Office ordering the building’s closure at the time.

One councillor for the region of Campania took to Facebook to express his view that Naples' cemeteries have been neglected for many years.

Francesco Emilio Borelli, of the Europa Verde party, posted: "It is a critical and unacceptable situation. For too many years the Neapolitan cemeteries have been mismanaged and left to fend for themselves, falling prey to swindlers and profiteers. This is the result."


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