Denver weather: The sun will set after 7 p.m. Monday under sunny, clear skies

Denver is in for quite a bit of sunshine to start this week, and, given the time change, that means blue skies until after 7 p.m.


According to the National Weather Service in Boulder, Denver will reach a high of 56 degrees on Monday. The sunny day could be windy on the Eastern Plains as gusts reach 40 mph. Downtown will remain quiet and hit a low of 30 degrees overnight.

On Tuesday, Denver will warm to a sunny 69 degrees. The low is forecasted to drop to 37 degrees.

Wednesday brings a 50% chance of rain, increasing to 70% in the evening. The day will be mostly cloudy, with a high near 57. The rain could mix into snow before sunrise on Thursday, and the flakes could last throughout the day.


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