‘Delivery driver’ leaves cute message on doorbell camera after seeing tip

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A kind-hearted customer who left a tip for her pizza delivery man was left stunned by his heartwarming reaction – but not all was as it seems.

In the doorbell footage that has been seen a whopping 27 million times on TikTok, Jacob Dever can be seen approaching the house.

He is clearly putting everything into his job as he’s clad in a full-on pizza outfit.

When the driver reaches the door, he addresses the camera and says: “Your pizza’s here.”

But he then spots some money tucked in the side – and is overwhelmed with joy.

“Oh…no way,” he continued. “Is this for me?”

"Aw man…you have no idea how much this means to me."

The video has exploded since Jacob posted it to his TikTok account, @jakesterguy, on February 7.

“He exploded from excitement at the end,” one viewer wrote.

Another delivery driver: “Some people don't understand how degrading it is to order so much food and not tip a cent.

“Five dollars does mean a lot to us.”

Other viewers were left in stitches by the ending, where he gets up close to the camera.

“I’m dead at the ending,” one said.

However, a quick search on Jacob's TikTok shows the heartwarming scenario was likely set up.

He has dozens of videos of him approaching the same doorbell camera and has racked up more than 1.1 million followers.

And in a reply to one comment in the video, he said: “I think my acting really sold it.”

Other viewers confirmed “he is not a delivery driver and just makes memes”.

To check out more of Jacob’s content, head to his Instagram here.

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