‘Danger to life’ weather warning as 10inches of rain to fall in matter of hours

Britain is to face horrendous downpours while as much as 10inches of rain is set to in just a matter of hours, according to amber warnings are issued by the Met Office.

Torrential rainstorms are due to hit in the next 24 to 36 hours with Brits also being battered by strong gales as a weather front moves in from the southwest wind.

There is a high risk of flooding and rain in the west especially throughout Carlisle, Wales, and Cornwall, as four weather alerts have been set for the UK.

In Carlisle, there have been two amber weather warnings with potential "danger to life from fast flowing or deep floodwater."

Cumbria is expected to receive around 100 to 150mm (six inches) of rainfall and across the Cumbrian fells around 200 to 250mm (10 inches).

Whereas Wales has received a yellow warning where "homes and businesses are likely" to flood and transport may be delayed.

Eastern parts of the country will likely see spells of heavy downpours until 3pm on Friday.

The two amber weather alerts are in place from 3pm Wednesday until midnight Thursday, with the second from 9pm last night until 9am today affecting southern Scotland, in particular Lockerbie.

In the northwest, there will be a few brighter showers throughout the day, as parts of Northern Manchester, Leeds and Blackpool suffer the same wet fate under a yellow weather warning.

But in the southeast, the weather will stay mild and dry with a slight breeze and sun breaking through the clouds at times.

The southeast of England will remain mainly dry into the evening while the rest of the country will face heavy showers and strong winds.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen, said “The rain is likely to become more showery and less persistent, albeit still heavy at times, during Thursday night and perhaps Friday morning, with a separate warning still in force at that time.

“These amounts of rainfall present a real threat of flooding and people should keep a close eye on flood warnings.

"There may be some disruption to transport, with some difficult driving conditions and possible road closures.

On Friday morning, the heavy downpour should slowly push to the east throughout the day and turn into light showers giving the sun chance to break through for all.

The temperatures at the minute throughout the country are slightly below the average for this time of year but won't be dropping into the single digits quite yet.

The amber weather warning should drop to yellow on Friday but will still remain in Carlisle and Wales.

If you are planning ahead to the weekend, you will need your raincoat as no surprise the downpours continue and will often be with strong winds.

At times, however, there will be a few sunny spells breaking through.

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