Daft dog rescued after swimming out to chase seagulls and not coming back

A dog has been rescued after chasing a flock of seagulls and paddling put to the open sea.

The daft spaniel was running around following the birds in Rhyl, North Wales, when it entered the water at around 9am this morning.

But the mutt got a bit too carried away and didn't turn back, North Wales Live reports.

Fearing for the animal, the owner called 999 and asked for help.

In the clip, Rhyl lifeboat and Rhyl Coastguard rescue team spot the pooch paddling in the water.

"Come here! What are you doing?" a bewildered crew member says to the dog, which is swimming nonchalantly alongside them.

The spaniel then paddles towards the boat and is helped onboard to safety.

Unsurprisingly, the funny clip has caused a stir on social media, with many saying their own pooches get up to similar mischief.

One viewer, with a similar tale, wrote: "Mine is a wee b****r chasing them on the beach, but once she feels the cold water retreats."

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"This sounds like my four-legged bestie… he loves the sea but throw in a bird to chase and that's it, he's off," tweeted a second.

Another person commented: "I would like to buy those guys a beer.

"That's probably impractical, so I'll make a donation to RNLI instead. Well done!"

Initial reports said the dog was off the old Suncentre site to the east of the station at Rhyl, but the owner updated the coastguards saying the pooch was actually off the new SC2 site to the west.

The lifeboat turned round and sped to the scene, directed by the coxswain at the boathouse over the station radio.

The dog was soon located, brought onboard the lifeboat, and returned to his grateful owner.

Martin Jones, RNLI coxswain for Rhyl’s RNLI Lifeboat, said: "There was initial worry the owner would attempt to rescue the dog, but on the coastguard’s advice, remained on the beach, keeping the dog in sight.

"We are so happy the animal and it’s owner are reunited."

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