Dad ‘violated son, 6, with stick after he ate cake then blamed it on his wife’

A dad who allegedly killed his son by violating him with a stick has blamed his wife over the tragic child’s death.

Mauricio Torres, 50, allegedly dished out the vile punishment after Maurice Isaiah Torres ate a piece of cake without permission on a camping trip in Missouri, the US.

But he appeared to blame his wife Cathy, 48, during a series of video interviews with police.

Torres is appearing at Benton County Circuit Court for a retrial over the shocking 2015 death.

During one of the police interviews, Torres said: “It (his death) was an accident. I can’t betray her.”

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Doctor Franklin Mayhue, who treated Isaiah shortly before his death, claimed Mauricio and Cathy Torres had shown no reaction to news their son had died.

He told jurors: “There was an absence of a normal grieving response from parents that lost a child.”

During Friday’s hearing, Dr Mayhue said Isaiah had “wounds all over his body”.

He added: “This was an extreme picture of a child who was not only dead, but dead from a bizarre situation.”

Maurice was allegedly violated with a stick by his dad for eating a small piece of cake without permission.

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Cathy Torres is said to have pushed Isaiah down further onto the stick, worsening his injuries.

She was handed a life sentence after pleading guilty to capital murder in March 2017.

Her husband Torres was sentenced to death in November 2016 before his conviction was overturned in April 2019.

His conviction was overturned on a technicality due to the assault happening in Missouri, and not Arkansas.

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Prosecutors will argue there were other incidents of child abuse during the case.

The dad faces life imprisonment or a death sentence if convicted of the murder charge.

Torres is charged with capital murder and battery and has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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