Dad tracked down abducted son after 24yrs and went 310,000 miles to see him

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A desperate dad whose son's disappearance 24 years ago inspired a movie has been given a Hollywood-style happy ending after he travelled 310,000 miles on a motorbike to be reunited with him.

Guo Gangtang's son was abducted when he was playing in the street outside their home in Shandong province in 1997.

Since his disappearance, Guo has made it his life's mission and has poured everything he had – including sleeping rough under a bridge when he was out searching – in the hope of finding his missing son.

His quest saw him travel to more than 20 provinces around the country on the back of a motorbike chasing tip-offs and handing out flyers with his picture.

And despite several broken bones, 10 damaged bikes from road crashes, and even highway robbers, he has never given up hope.

The boy, who has not been named, had in fact been was snatched by a couple of people traffickers, who kidnapped him to sell him for money.

The woman named Tang spotted Mr Guo's son playing alone outside his home, grabbed him, and took him to the bus station, where her partner, a Mr Hu, was waiting.

He took an intercity coach to Henan province and was sold by the couple.

Sadly, thousands of children go missing to trafficking in China each year, and many are hardly ever returned.

But China's Ministry of Public Security, the police were able to trace his son's identity using DNA testing.

Two suspects were later tracked down and have been arrested, said a Global Times report.

The boy's disappearance actually inspired a movie in 2015, which starred Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau.

Mr Guo was overjoyed when he was told his son had been located and was flooded with messages of support for his efforts on social media.

"So many parents would have probably given up long ago. He is so amazing and I'm truly happy for him," one person wrote on microblogging platform Weibo.

Despite high-profile cases, the abduction and trafficking of babies has been a problem for decades.

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