Dad celebrates parking in every bay at Sainsbury’s car park over six years

A dad is celebrating parking every single car parking space at his local supermarket.

Gareth Wild has finally completed his "mundane" quest, six years after setting his eyes on the bizarre challenge in 2015.

Under the conditions that he could only park when on his weekly food shop, Gareth tested out each and every one of Sainsbury's in Bromley, Kent's 211 spaces.

He has even whittled down his top spots.

The company director of Explosive Alan Productions, told My London: "I like finding ways of making the mundane more exciting. If I’ve got to do something dull then I want to make a game out of it.

"And whilst I quite enjoy the weekly food shop (it’s cathartic) it was the perfect challenge to set. Now that it’s done I’m not sure, there’s definitely a space in my life where this once was but I’m not sure I need another car park challenge in my life.

Gareth has shared his project with the world. Taking to Twitter he said: "For the last six years I’ve kept a spreadsheet listing every parking spot I’ve used at the local supermarket in a bid to park in them all. This week I completed my Magnum Opus!"

He added: "I do a big shop once a week with the occasional additional trip to pick up extras but a conservative figure of 60 visits a year meant that I could in theory have completed my challenge in under four years. Annoyingly a global pandemic slowed me down."

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Speaking of the car park he chose for his task, Gareth said: "It’s a great car park because you can always get a space and it is laid out really well. Comfortably in my top 5 Bromley car parks."

He added: "After quite a few years of going each week I started thinking about how many of the different spots I’d parked in and how long it would take to park in them all. My life is one long roller coaster.

"Rather than walking around the car park counting each space and exposing myself as a lunatic, I used the overhead view to mark out a vector image to make it easier to identify each space."

Gareth created a map of the car park using colours to show trolley bays and spaces for families, motorbikes and people with disabilities.

He said: "I don’t own a motorcycle and I’m not disabled but I do have children so I can legitimately use the family spaces. This means that in the car park there are 211 parking spaces that I needed to conquer.

"To make it easy for me to identify which space I was parking in I assigned each ‘block’ a letter and within each block, bay numbers which I would make note of on my phone and then add it all to my super awesome spreadsheet."

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