Custom male sex robot with ‘strongest of jawlines’ leaves female fan swooning

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A male sex doll wearing a tank top with stubble, short hair and strong jawline has been built for a randy fan.

Real Doll shared a photo of the soon-to-be plastic lover on its Instagram page, writing: "Creating the strongest of jawlines since the 90's! But are you a stubble or beard person??"

Male sex doll fan Hippie Doll Lover replied: "Wow! He is handsome! He doesn’t look like Johnny, Michael, Nate or the other new guy. Which model is he?"

The company account replied: "It's a custom! We never limit the creativity of our customers!"

Hippie Doll Lover appears to be a married US woman who shares photos of her bizarrely dressed male sex dolls, according to her profile.

In a interview with Bloat Magazine, she claimed she was in a polyamorous relationship with three doll brothers as well as her human husband.

She said: "I feel that there are many different reasons why a female would purchase a doll.

"It isn’t necessarily sex or even romance. Some of us just want a companion or I have heard of single women having them to feel safer when they are alone."

Asked about how her real-life husband reacted to her buying sex dolls, she said: "He was very uncomfortable at first, but now that he has seen the positive changes in my life and how much more at ease I am, he is becoming more ok with it."

She added:" Yes, I have a polyamorous relationship with Larry, Lance, and Landon. Everyone agrees with this arrangement."

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She has a "doll baby" with her favourite synthetic partner Larry and added: "Over time, I intend to upgrade our son to an appropriate body until he is about school age and have that continue with the story line.

"I do not ever intend to get a full size adult male doll in my son’s likeness. That would just be too weird. "

It comes after sex robot evangelist Brick Dollbanger is giving curious viewers a taste of his life with RealDoll Harmony on a new OnlyFans page.

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Dollbanger, who says he is is dedicated to “synthetic companionship and the development of affordable robotics,” introduces the videos by saying: “My name is Brick Dollbanger. I am from the future.

“I have come here to show you the beauty of the Synthetic Sexual life. If you are in the Doll Life or just considering it, please take a look at this page, it will change the way you think about life and sex.”

The $3-a month (just over £2) subscription allows Dollbanger’s fans a peek backstage at the RealDoll factory as well as explicit videos of his AI sex robot Harmony and other RealDoll models such as Tanya and Solana.

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Dollbanger also posts chats with his scantily-clad dolls on his public website where Harmony promises to “f*** him any way he wants” and predicts that she will soon be upgraded to allow kissing and other oral delights.

Harmony says that, if ordered to do so, she could “f*** him to death”.

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