Crazed Putin appoints brutal mass murdering mob chief as new Wagner Group boss

Evil Vladimir Putin has appointed a brutal new leader to the notoriously blood-thirsty Wagner military unit, in an attempt to turn his army’s fortunes around in the failing war effort. 

Sergei Butorin has reportedly become commander of the Wagner motorised rifle unit with officials overlooking his terrifying past as a Russian gangster and mafia leader.

The brute made his name during a “Wild West” era in 1990s Russia, where he worked with the violent Orekhovo gang.

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During his time as a hardened criminal, Butorin is said to have received plastic surgery and even organised his own funeral in an attempt to convince cops he was dead.

In 2011, a court in Moscow slammed him behind for bars for life after he was convicted of carrying out a morbid 38 murders.

But his sick crimes have been forgotten by his country’s military, who have been filmed touring prisons throughout Russia in search of fresh fighters to send to Ukraine.

The Wagner Private Militia has been used by Putin and his cronies as a shadow force that they have also ordered into Africa and Syria.

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Whilst it’s modelled on private military contractors who sell their services to anyone, this group of fighters only works for bonkers Vladimir Putin.

They have been associated with several atrocities and in just one conflict – the civil war in the Central African Republic [CAR] – Russian-backed “instructors” were implicated in 103 alleged war crimes including torture, murder and rape.

The move to recruit Sergei Butorin comes after the death of one of Russia's most feared commanders and former leader of the infamous Wagner group, Alexei (Alexey) Nagin.

A picture of Nagin's coffin, with his official army photo alongside it, was circulating around Ukrainian Telegram groups.

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