Crash in Broomfield causes gravel spill, road closures and results in three injured

Three people were taken to local hospitals on Friday after a crash that involved several vehicles and a semi-truck happened near 96th Street in Broomfield.

Rachel Welte, a spokesperson for Broomfield Police, said that those taken to the hospital had “minor to moderate injuries.”

The crash, which allegedly happened “sometime around noon”, involved “at least four vehicles” and a semi-truck.

The semi-truck, which was carrying gravel, flipped onto its side in the crash, causing the gravel to spill across the road.

Both the east and westbound lanes had to be closed as a result of the gravel spill, Welte said.

“There is no ETA on when the road will reopen yet,” Welte said. “Just avoid that area for awhile, it’ll take some time for the gravel to be cleaned and the truck to be flipped back upright.”

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