Coronavirus: South Korea promises retaliation as Japan limits entry to visitors

Seoul expressed “extreme regret” Friday over Japan ordering 14-day quarantines on all visitors from South Korea due to a surge in coronavirus infections and warned of retaliation if Tokyo doesn’t withdraw the restrictions.

The response came a day after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the quarantine, which also applies to visitors from China.

“The Japanese government yesterday issued what’s realistically a full entry ban on our people,” South Korean Prime Minister Chung Se-kyun said during a government meeting on quarantine strategies. “(We) consider this as very regrettable and demand the excessive and irrational measure to be immediately withdrawn.”

Japan’s move could further strain bilateral relations between the Asian U.S. allies, which sank to their lowest point in decades last year as they feuded over trade issues, wartime history and military co-operation.

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