Cop ‘went through hell’ after ex accused her of having ‘fetish accounts’

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A police officer's ex-boyfriend accused her of being a porn star during a campaign of abuse, a court was told.

Stephanie Torrance, 38, said her ex Jonathan Barclay's claims – including that she had fetish accounts on Instagram and X-rated site OnlyFans – were "absolutely not true at all".

She told Hamilton Sheriff Court that Barclay, 37, accused her of cheating on him while he was at work by having sex with other men in their home in videos that were uploaded to porn websites.

She said he threatened to expose her to Police Scotland and the media if she did not give him back a vacuum cleaner after they split up, GlasgowLive reports.

Stephanie, a police officer of 14 years, said she had to take seven weeks off work due to the impact of the abuse on her mental health.

She told the court the pair split up and got back together several times in 2020.

He bombarded her with poems and love songs in a bid to win her back, including a link to the YouTube video for Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.

She said that once the relationship was finally over, Barclay made the porn threats in early December 2020.

Stephanie told the court: "He was saying that I was selling parts of my body. It started getting quite strange.

"He was saying I had separate Instagram accounts and that I had been selling my feet.

"He said, 'If you were struggling for money, you should've asked me for help because I love you'. I felt stressed and anxious about it."

After Stephanie blocked him on WhatsApp, the threats continued via email including on Christmas Day, the court heard.

Stephanie said he sent her what he claimed was proof of her appearing on porn websites and wrote: "I'm embarrassed for you and I hope your mum doesn't find out about it."

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She added: "It was quite distressing. It was just all very strange. These were allegations of things that are absolutely not true at all."

The emails, which were read in court, accused her of sleeping with other men in their home and said pornographic videos of her were available online.

The messages also claimed she had sex toys, handcuffs and a cushion bearing the PornHub website logo.

In one, he gave her a deadline to reply to his claims, saying he would be "selling the f****** story" to the media.

Stephanie said she made her bosses aware of his claims and he was arrested, adding: "It was like it was never going to end."

The trial was adjourned.

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