Convicted drug mule ‘Cocaine Cassie’ unveils plans to leave Colombia with wife

Convicted drugs mule Cassandra 'Cocaine Cassie' Sainsbury, has revealed to her followers that she will be leaving Colombia soon for a trip back home.

Announcing the news on an Instagram livestream, the convicted drug smuggler has said she is returning to her home country of Australia to pick up some of her favourite foods.

Sainsbury has said she will not be sticking around, though, and will likely visit Australia to "close a chapter" in her life as well as pick up a much-missed meat pie.

The drugs smuggler, who was released in 2020 after serving half of her six-year sentence, is allowed to leave Colombia from May onwards as part of her probation.

Sainsbury answered a series of questions on her Instagram livestream, including one about previous fiancé, Australian bodybuilder Scott Broadbridge.

The convicted drug smuggler explained to viewers that she would be heading home quickly to return to her new wife, Tatiana, a Colombian computer technician.

Speaking on the livestream, Sainsbury said: "I'm excited to go back (to Australia), yes, don't get me wrong, (but) my life is pretty much here in Colombia.

"I'm starting a new English school, I'm married, I'm projecting myself in the best way possible. But, I'm excited to come back… because I feel like until I go back home I'm never going to be able to close that chapter."

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Sainsbury added: "I'm excited to see my family, excited to eat a meat pie, because here they don't have one. Iced coffee, I mean they have Starbucks here but, it's not the same as Farmer's Union Iced Coffee."

The Australian, nicknamed 'Cocaine Cassie', was jailed in Colombia for trying to smuggle 5.8kg of cocaine out of the country in 18 sets of headphones.

She has since been teaching English in the South American country and married a woman known only as Tatiana, replacing previous girlfriend Joli Pico, who she met while in Buen Pastor prison at Bogota, Colombia.

Since her release from prison, Sainsbury has said she was working on a "project" to help "low income families," Daily Mail reports.

Speaking on her Instagram livestream, she said: "Ever since I've been here, I've always had this project that I started working on inside (gaol) which is to offer English to low income families, to people who are in prison, to the families of these people."

Fans also heard that Sainsbury had finished a first draft of her novel, a telling of "everything that has happened from start to finish".

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