Colin Pitchfork lands himself back in jail after child killer ‘approached girls’

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Child killer Colin Pitchfork has been taken back to jail after he began to approach young women, according to a source.

Pitchfork was only just released from prison two months after spending 33-years in jail for the murders of two 15-year-old girls.

He has been recalled over “concerning behaviours”, which reportedly included going up to young females during walks, reports The Mirror.

Pitchfork was jailed in 1987 after raping and strangling Lynda Mann in 1983 and Dawn Ashworth in 1986, both took place in Leicestershire .

Dawn’s mother Barbara has has said she is “pleased” to see him put away again.

She said: “I’m pleased that he has been put away and women and girls are safe and protected from him now.

“It’s a safer place when he’s behind bars and I won’t have to worry about other people being hurt by him for the time being. But there’s always the worry that he might get out again.

“He seems to have a lot of people on his side who give him the benefit of the doubt. But for now, I have to be pleased about the news.” ­

Pitchfork is reportedly at a closed prison and will have to wait until a parole meeting to see if he could be released again.

The Probation Service said: “Protecting the public is our priority so when offenders breach conditions and potentially pose a risk, we will return them to custody.”

Pitchfork was the first person to ever be convicted using DNA evidence when he murdered schoolgirls Lynda and Dawn, both 15-years-old.

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South Leicestershire MP Alberto Costa, who has campaigned against Colin Pitchfork's release from prison, has said his recall shows licence conditions are "working".

He said: "I was informed earlier this evening by the policing minister that double child rapist and killer Colin Pitchfork has been recalled to prison.

"Pitchfork's behaviour has given sufficient cause for concern to the probation authorities.

"Pitchfork is under the most stringent of licence conditions and perhaps this recall evidences that those conditions are working.

"I will urgently take this matter up with the Government to ensure that public safety remains the number one focus."

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