Clingy golden retriever hugs on owner’s leg and refuses to let him get parcels

A dog owner was forced to drag his golden retriever along every time he left home to get parcels.

The man, from central China's Henan province, said his dog, Pidan, loves to stay by his side and follow him wherever he goes.

In a video he posted on Douyin, the owner, who dresses in his pyjamas, is trying to go to the gate and pick up a parcel.

As soon as he gets up from the sofa, the three-year-old canine follows closely and jumps onto his leg.

Pidan wraps his front legs around his owner's leg and walks on his two hind legs.

The poor owner has to hold onto his trousers so that Pidan doesn't pull them down by accident.

He told local media: "He's almost pulling my pants off. He has this weird habit when he was about one year old.

"But I think he only does that when I was wearing my pyjamas.

"He isn't clingy at all if I change to any other trousers."

Viewers were left in stitches when they saw how clingy Pidan is.

One suggested that the owner should only wear trousers with suspender belts.

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  • Another wrote: "This is true love. Don't ever leave Pidan at home!"

    A third said: "Pidan wants to wear your pyjamas because he knows it's warm haha."

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