Christmas Day Covid-19 isolation could be on cards for 1m Brits, expert warns

More than one million Brits could be isolating on Christmas Day as fears over the Omicron Covid-19 variant grow, an expert has warned.

Cambridge University professor Sir David Spiegelhalter has made the worrying claim as Covid cases have risen in 60% of areas in the UK in just a week.

It also comes at the same time that London was revealed to be the least vaccinated area in the entire country.

The new variant threatens to ruin festive plans for households up and down Britain for the second year running.

Sir David told BBC Newsnight on Wednesday: “I haven't seen the sums behind it, it sounds like it is in fact possible.

“It depends on whether people get tested, because more than half of people who are infected don't go on and get tested. But we do know there is going to be huge disruption.”

David Nabarro, the UK's special envoy to the World Health Organization issued an even starker warning late last night that cases of the Omicron variant are doubling every two days.

He claimed he was "never been more concerned" about the pandemic than he is now.

Mr Nabarro told Sky News: “I've been watching this pandemic and I've been working on it since January 2020.

“I have never been more concerned about it than I am tonight – not just about the UK, but about the world.

“Even if it is several times less unpleasant than Delta, I want to stress that the absolute number of those who are going to get infected – including those who have been double vaccinated – is going to a lead to an already massively stressed health system and work force being overloaded.

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“It’s doubling every two days.

“Do you know what that means?

“It means it will be eight times more serious in one week, 40 times more serious in two weeks, three-400 times in three weeks, and over 1000 times more serious in four weeks.”

As of yesterday, a record-breaking 78,610 new cases of Covid-19 emerged in a 24-hour period, up until 9am, as the Prime Minister gave another televised press conference to urge everyone to “get your booster jabs”.

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