China targets overthrow of global order as expert warns of ‘brutal authoritarianism’ rise

China: Author discusses ‘brutal authoritarianism’

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The Chinese leadership has set out to replace the international rules bases order, a former US intelligence analyst has warned.  Nicholas Eftimiades, an expert on China, has warned that Xi Jinping’s regime believes western democracy has “failed.” He argued that China intends to establish the Chinese Communist Party regime as an alternative model of governance for the rest of the World.

Mr Eftimiades told “China has said itself that its goals and intentions are to change the world order.

“To change from this liberal democratic rule by law to something that is more amenable to its system.

“They are not you know covert about this or secretive in any way, they say this is their plans and intentions.

“It is a different perspective and they say that Western democracy has failed, this is why we would replace it.”

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“From our perspective looking at them, it is a more authoritarian structure.

“Government rules, freedoms are cut but they get things done,” continued the security expert.

“No one can argue I mean look at the building they have done in 20 years.

“Extraordinary building in China an extraordinary power base.

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“Most people and politicians don’t see this as an immediate threat.

“Certainly not an immediate through over the next year or two.

“So it is hard to put this in the context of a strategic threat the way we in the West are used to defining it.

He added: “What does it mean when you have a brutal brutal authoritarian regime rising and people are still eager and willing to try to bury and ignore that to do business with them?”

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It comes after the former CIA officer told that sensitive British technology and research has been left vulnerable to exploitation by China’s military.

He told “The UK is a really unique case and they are so because of their legal structure.

“I mean in the United States we have the international trafficking arms regulation, we have ITAR. We have export enforcement regulations.

“So we are very very heavily regulated as to the type of technologies that can be exported and under what condition. The UK not soo much so.”

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