Chewie the rescue dog saved his owner’s life from heart attack by giving him CPR

Chewie the rescue dog turned “Vinnie Bones” to save his owner’s life by giving him CPR.

The five-year-old pooch jumped up and down on Ray Whiteley’s chest to restart his ticker just as Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones taught in his life-saving TV ad for the British Heart Foundation.

Chewie followed the tough guy actor’s `push hard and fast on the sovereign’ advice after finding Ray slumped on the sofa at home following a heart attack.

First the Yorkie-Doberman cross started barking to alert Ray’s wife Loretta who was in the garden.

Then he started leaping up and down on her lifeless husband’s chest.

Stunned Loretta, 56, walked in to find the hero hound battling to save Ray’s life.

To her astonishment Chewie’s efforts paid off and her husband started to breathe again.

Without his pet’s efforts Ray would almost certainly have died as it took an ambulance an agonising eight-and-a-half minutes to reach the couple’s home in Leyland, Lancashire.

Chewie is one of five finalists up for the Hero Dog Award at Crufts in March.

Loretta said he had developed a particularly close bond with the couple after a brush with death himself.

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He was found with the rest of his litter half buried in a bag with their paws and mouths taped up at 12-weeks-old.

The Whiteleys offered him a new forever home and – both trained first aiders – taught him and their other pets to do CPR as a `bit of fun’ never imagining how vital it would prove.

Ray, who has multiple sclerosis, frequently suffers with pneumonia which triggered a cardiac arrest.

Loretta said: “Ray had stopped breathing but Chewie would not give up on him. Eventually his eyes fluttered and he gasped as his heart began to beat again.’’

Paramedics took over Ray’s resuscitation when they arrived.

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But doctors told the couple without Chewie’s intervention there was a high chance they would not have been able to save him.

“Chewie will always be my little hero.,’’ Loretta said.

“Without him I would have been a widow.’’

Since his life-saving act Chewie has helped to raise over £5,000 for animal charities and other pets in need.

The winner of the award will be decided by a public vote and announced at the dog show at Birmingham NEC on March 13.

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Also nominated is a guide dog which gave a dairy farmer his life back, a group of Newfoundlands providing water therapy for 999 staff, a Springer Spaniel fire investigator that catches arsonists and a Golden Retriever which supports a young cerebral palsy sufferer.

In the award-winning 2018 heart-starting telly ad Vinnie instructed viewers how to perform hands-only CPR to save the life of geezer’ who collapses in front of you’.

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Playing an East End villain he said: “No kissing. You only kiss your missus on the lips.’’

He then demonstrated how viewers should `push hard and fast’ on the spot where a flash crook would wear a medallion in time to the Bee Gee’s 1977 disco hit Staying Alive.

After reviving his volunteer that ain’t breathing’ whom he said he had made earlier’ the villain signed off: “Hands-only CPR…It’s not as hard as it looks.’’

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