Camilla Parker Bowles’ decision over Princess of Wales name to avoid ‘hostility’

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are spending some time in sunny Cornwall during the heatwave this week.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have kicked off their visit to their namesake county today (July 18) as they arrive in Mousehole, near Penzance.

The royals are set to spend two days in the county as they meet with community groups and locals.

While there they'll be visiting the Solmon Brown Hall, the creation of which Prince Charles helped fund.

They're also expected to visit Newlyn Harbour and fishing port to meet local fisherman and learn about sustainable fishing practices.

As they spend some time visiting the county, here's why Charles and Camilla are the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and why Camilla doesn't go by the title Princess of Wales.

Why is Charles the Duke of Cornwall?

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Prince Charles, who is the Prince of Wales, has also been the Duke of Cornwall since 1952.

The eldest surviving son of the monarch and heir to the throne inherits the Duchy of Cornwall and the Duke of Cornwall title either at birth or on the accession of a new monarch to the throne.

This means that Charles technically became the Duke of Cornwall when his mother Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne in 1952.

But Charles was just four years old at the time and he didn't take over the management of the Duchy of Cornwall until he turned 21 in 1969.

In 1973 he was officially proclaimed the Duke of Cornwall.

Why isn't Camilla the Princess of Wales?

Although she's entitled to the title of Princess of Wales, Camilla has never used it because of the ties that it has to Princess Diana.

When Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 she took on the title of Princess of Wales.

After their divorce, Diana was stripped of Her Royal Highness title but kept the title of Princess of Wales until her tragic death in 1997.

The title Princess of Wales has always been held by the wife of the heir to the throne, and when Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005 she technically automatically assumed the title.

However, at the time of the wedding it was announced that Camilla would not be known as the Princess of Wales.

The title had become strongly associated with Diana and, due to her tragic death as well as Camilla and Charles' affair, the decision was made to reportedly avoid stirring up ill feelings towards Camilla.

In his book, Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams, royal reporter Robert Jobson wrote: "Camilla, when married, would not take the title HRH The Princess of Wales, even though it was her right to do so, as it would be insensitive and cause undue hostility with Diana, Princess of Wales, in mind.”

Instead, Camilla took on a feminine version of one of Charles' other titles, and thus became known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

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