Busker left in fit of tears after bloke says ‘some people have it and you don’t’

A busker delighting a handful of people in the street was left crying after an elderly man told her "some people have it and you don't".

The awful incident left Mia Kirkland, 18, in tears after the rude interruption from a white-haired pensioner who apparently didn't rate her vocal talents.

Despite the 18-year-old receiving a bouquet of flowers, a hug and a wave of support from passers-by in York's city centre – one man's harsh comments seem to have stuck for the youngster.

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A bizarre encounter with the man holding a 1,000-piece jigsaw under his arm saw the pensioner, who claims he worked for Diana Ross, chastising the teenager.

Naturally the youngster wasn't taking the surprise criticism from the street-side judge, but appeared hurt by his comments after the man began to follow her after she walked off.

He appeared to stop his sudden tirade when Kirkland turned around and said: "That's nice, thank you, have a lovely day."

The budding singer was left wiping away tears after the encounter, and believes that the man saw her as an "easy target" as she appeared to be a woman alone.

Mia, who often livestreams her singing, is back out on the streets busking after the horrible encounter.

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Of the encounter, Mia said: "He was trying to mumble so that other people couldn’t hear it, but he said 'some people have it and you don't'.

"I started walking away and he was saying he knows what he’s talking about because he's worked with Diana Ross and other artists.

"He kept following me and then as soon as my mum stood up and came over, he left. The only reason he was doing it was because he thought I was on my own.

"Then as soon as he’d spoken to me, I said to my mum 'my day is just ruined now. I don’t want to keep going'. It was only earlier that I’d had flowers and loads of kind words, but it’s hard not to let people like that ruin your day."

The singer added that many people had told her that the closest the man got to Diana Ross was probably "listening to her in the shower," Metro reported.


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