Buddhist monk dies when fight breaks out in temple after ‘constant bickering’

An alleged fight involving two monks in a temple has reportedly resulted in one of them dying.

Labelled a "day of shame for Thailand" by local news outlets, the two men are understood to have had long-running bad blood.

The skirmish took place at the Wat Mai Thong Chai Temple in the province of Kamphaeng Phet between a 64-year-old and a 49-year-old. The older monk is understood to have died.

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Khlong Larn Police Station sent officers to investigate, where they found Kumart Absuwan lying unconscious.

He had cuts and cruises on his face and was pronounced dead later at hospital.

The other man has been named as Anake Kwanyuen, who turned himself over to the police.

Witnesses have said that the two often had words with each other, often making jokes at the other’s expense.

They claimed that Anake Kwanyuen had been making fun of Kumart, who had gotten angry.

They added that the fighting this time had seemed more serious than it had in the past and saw the younger man throw a tiffin carrier, a kind of metal lunch box, at the older’s head.

The older man was allegedly kicked and knocked to the floor, according toThaiger.

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Pisit Sanguankaew, superintendent of Khlong Larn Police Station, said that Anake had been charged with attacking others and causing death.

It is also understood he has been banished from the monkhood. He claimed he attacked out of anger and had not intended to kill Kumart.

Under Section 295 of Thai law, the mental or physical infliction of injury to others faces two years in jail, a fine equivalent to £92 or both.

The temple’s leader has reportedly told local media outlets that both men were mental health patients.


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