Britt Baker insists Adam Cole wouldn’t make AEW switch just to work with her

Britt Baker has opened up on someday working with partner Adam Cole in AEW – but insists she wouldn’t be the reason he swapped WWE for Tony Khan’s company.

Baker reigns supreme at the top of AEW’s women’s division as its world champion, while Cole is one of WWE’s top performers who has won all there is to win in NXT.

When couples in wrestling work in opposing companies, there’s never a shortage of speculation that suggests they’ll imminently be working together.

When Rusev parted ways with WWE and arrived in AEW for example, there was an insistence that wife Lana would instantly join him – the same for Aleister Black and Zelina Vega, too, before Vega made her WWE comeback recently.

Baker and Cole’s lofty positions in the respective companies mean that they’re regularly at the front end of such speculation – none more so than now thanks to a new report that suggests Cole’s WWE contract may have expired last month.

Fightful Select in the US states that the 32-year-old has expressed a desire to continue working regardless, with WWE and NXT building towards a huge summer.

“There was an assumption internally that Cole's WWE contract expired in December,” read the report.

“WWE sources have reached out and noted that they became aware that the deal was actually up in early July.

“Despite that, we're told that Adam Cole expressed to WWE that he was willing to work through Summerslam weekend and re-evaluate things.

“WWE sources put over Cole for being open to doing that as opposed to just appearing on another program without any notice by WWE.”

Unsurprisingly and despite Cole’s insistence to keep ploughing on, there is renewed speculation amongst fans that he’ll soon be on his way, with a switch to All Elite Wrestling high in people’s imaginations.

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For her part, Baker spoke exclusively to Daily Star Online before Monday's most recent report came to light and insisted that if Cole did swap WWE for All AEW, she would be far from the only thing that took him there.

She spoke of their talented roster of wrestlers and staff, saying that any number of them could be enough to be driving force between any theoretical decision to head there.

Instead, she says they just want happiness and success for each other – wherever they’re working.

She joked: “He has got to hold down the Tuesday night and I’ll hold down the Wednesday night, right?!

“I think it’s funny when people say, ‘he has to go to AEW because of Britt!’ because there are so many more people at AEW who have played a bigger role in the wrestling side of his life.

“People like The Young Bucks, Kenny [Omega]; he was in the Bullet Club for the majority of the Indie career people know him for.

“He has such a history in AEW that, if he came here, the storylines are endless – but he’s happy where he is.

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“So, if he were to jump ship and come my way, that would be awesome, but if he stays in WWE forever then I’d be happy, too, as I just want him to be happy.”

While Cole is one of WWE’s most decorated performers, Baker is arguably one of AEW’s finest success stories.

She admitted to us that she learned and developed the hard way with Tony Khan’s company, thrust straight into the pressures of regular live television.

It’s hard to imagine, then, that wrestling is ever far from conversation when the two get time at home together.

“There has to be, right?” she said of work talk. “It’s such a big part of our lives.

“I watch everything he does. I was out to dinner with Tony Schiavone and Rebel, and I had The Great American Bash on my phone at the dinner table, making sure I could watch his main event match.

“I don’t miss anything of his and he doesn’t miss anything of mine. We’re just so supportive of each other.

“It doesn’t matter where he works, where I work or where either of us end up, we just want success for one another.”

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