Brits baffled by Rishi Sunak’s height after mystifying photo of PM meeting King

People have been left absolutely baffled by a photo of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak meeting King Charles.

The latest Tory leader met with the King at Buckingham Palace this morning (Tuesday, October 25) to accept his invitation to form a government on his behalf.

Although reports around Sunak's height vary, he is thought to be 170cm – or 5ft 6in – which doesn't actually make him the shortest male PM in history.

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Winston Churchill (168cm/5ft 6in) and Harold Wilson (162cm/5ft 3in) are among those who Sunak is taller than.

However, the King towers 8cm above Sunak at 178cm (5ft 10in) – or so we thought.

An image of the pair from this morning has caused quite the stir on Twitter as both men appear to be the same height when facing each other.

If anything, Sunak's quiff may even give him the edge over the King.

One Twitter user shared the image with screenshots of Google searches for their 178cm and 170cm heights, alongside a meme of a man looking confused.

Another person joked: "Is Rishi standing on a box?"

A third said: "Apparently, Chuck is 178cm against Sunak's 170cm. I wonder where they found those 8cm?"

A fourth asked: "Did he take his own box to stand on to look the King in the eyes? Or did they provide one for him?"

Others shared clips of a famous scene from the UK version of The Office, in which David Brent places his feet on a table to reveal he's wearing platform shoes.

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Some even speculated that Sunak's mysterious ability to appear taller than he is may have helped his dramatic rise to the helm of the Conservative Party.

One tweet read: "How much of Rishi Sunak's success is that he reads as much taller on television than his reported 5'7" height?"

There were some images from their meeting where the King did appear taller than Sunak, but still not by 8cm.


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