Britain’s dogs facing mental health crisis with spiralling issues since March

Britain's dogs are facing a major mental health crisis because of lockdown, experts warn.

Over a quarter of struggling pooches have developed at least one behavioural problem since March.

The Dogs Trust is urging owners to act quickly to stop the animal issues spiralling.

Rachel Casey, of the Trust, said: “These are challenging times as millions of us across the country have had our daily lives turned upside down.

“Whilst some dogs have been happy to have their human family at home more, others have been stressed by reduced exercise, inability to find a quiet place to rest or having no contact with other dogs.”

She added: “A big worry for us is what the long-term impact of lockdown will have on dogs’ ability to cope when left home alone.

“We also expect to see new cases developing because other dogs, and particularly puppies, have learnt to expect company all day long.”

The charity also fears a sharp rise in abandoned animals and pets being put down because people cannot cope with their animals having a breakdown.

There has also been an 82% increase in whining or barking from needy pups when their owners are busy.

The charity said preventing separation anxiety is much easier than treating it.

It recommends getting dogs used to being left alone by leaving them for a time, even if you are in the house. Vets can also help with barking and howling.

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