Britain setting up global taskforce to prepare for first contact with aliens

Britain is putting together a global taskforce to get ready for the first contact with aliens.

Dr John Elliott is leading the push to create a worldwide protocol for messages from extra-terrestrials.

He said: "Will we ever get a message from ET? We don't know. We also don't know when this is going to happen. But we do know that we cannot afford to be ill prepared – scientifically, socially and politically rudderless – for an event that could turn into reality."

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The new research unit, known as the Seti Post-Detection Hub, brings together legal, ethical and philosophical experts from across the planet.

The boffins are based at St Andrews, near Fife and have put together a plan to guide us through the months after our first contact with intelligent alien beings.

It will cover issues like how to treat them under legal and human rights codes.

Dr Elliott, of St Andrews University, has spent years researching how to interpret signals from outer space. He aims to use the structure of messages to understand what information they contain.

He added: "One of the big debates is, if we get a signal do we respond? This isn't resolved at all."

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Should said signal be received, then it is likely that it could be fairly soon, one expert of aliens believes.

Michael A. Garrett of the University of Manchester spoke out ahead of a US Government report and said that the world is closer to discovering their first contact and "real scientific discovery" of aliens.

He believes that should "something interesting" be out there, then it will happen "pretty soon", Daily Star reported.

Until now though, most reported sightings have been low quality videos or turned out to be identifiable flying objects such as weather balloons or even drones piloted by those on the ground.

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