Brit hate preacher calls for Taliban to ban music and stone adulterers to death

A notorious UK-based hate preacher has called upon the Taliban to enforce a brutal regime – including a ban on music and adulterers being stoned to death.

Radical Islamist Anjem Choudary, who is infamous for his public support of evil terror groups like ISIS, published his grim advice in a 3,500 word document called ‘Sincere Advice To The Leadership Of The Taliban’.

The 54-year-old has previously been blamed for inspiring terror attacks and spent five years behind bars for his support of ISIS before being released in 2018.

He was banned from public speaking after preaching his evil message of violence – but the ban was lifted this month, reports the Express.

Now, Choudary has released his chilling assessment via encrypted social media network Telegram to demand Taliban militia point their guns at anyone who stands in the way of “implementing the rule of Allah”.

The extremist wrote: “The penal code is the right of Allah to cut the hand off the thief, stone the adulterer, implementing capital punishment upon the apostate and lashing those who drink alcohol.

“After due court process and evidence, (this) must be implemented without question and hesitation.”

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Choudary also demanded that any non-Muslim in the country should be slammed with an “infidel tax” and that all non-sharia courts should be scrapped.

His comments come amid chaos in Afghanistan with thousands trying to flee from armed Taliban soldiers.

Militant death squads from the radical group are reportedly pulling people from their homes and executing them as they begin stepping up the hunt for anyone who helped the US and UK.

And the hate preacher warned the Taliban about the importance of continuing to enforce such brutal measures, saying their ability to carry out sharia law would prove whether or not they are "truly Islamic”.

He added: “Muslims around the world must assess whether this fledgling state is really implementing Islamic law or whether it is just another country choosing Islam to be part of its name that it wishes everyone to call it by.”

The Express has contacted the Home Office to ask whether Choudary’s latest remarks would be investigated.

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