Brit facing death sentence ‘wants to see children’ as he’s paraded on Russia TV

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A third Brit captured by Russia while he was fighting alongside Ukrainian troops now faces the death penalty, according to Russian state TV.

Until now, Vladimir Putin’s media has concentrated on Britons Aiden Aslin, 28, and fellow detainee Shaun Pinner, 48, both sentenced to death.

But today – two months after he was detained – a Russian propaganda broadcast showed the moment father-of-four Andrew Hill from Plymouth, was held by Russian troops in April.

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Andrew, 35, says he just wants to go home to his children.

The shattered and tearful captive was shown speaking to his grandmother back in the UK, saying: “I am being detained here as a suspected mercenary.

“The penalty for that here is death.”

Hill’s arrest after fighting for Ukrainian forces was known about but he has received little coverage, until now, compared with Aslin and Pinner who face the death penalty in the pro-Putin puppet state Donetsk People’s Republic.

Hill was detained elsewhere in Ukraine, in the Russian-occupied Mykolayiv region.

Hill now appears to be being milked for propaganda purposes by Russia as the threat of death hangs over him.

On one video, seemingly recorded in hospital, he appears to breakdown as he says : “I want to go home, to my homeland, to my family, to my children

“I just want to go home. I will tell them the truth.

“I will tell them what it's really like here."

He tearfully adds: “I will tell them about the DPR and how it was formed, and I will tell them what is going on here.”

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Gazprom-owned NTV channel carries a report on Hill which is headed: “Exclusive – before the execution.”

The report uses the words: “Mercenaries sentenced to death.”

It claims to highlight Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s “international lads” telling viewers they are watching “confessions before the execution”.

A reporter says: “Mr Hill realises that Boris Johnson doesn’t care about him, and Zelenskyy cares even less.”

Hill is seen being held by Russians in footage that has been delayed by two months.

Plainly wounded, he is told: “Don’t worry, man, don't worry, man. We are Russians.

“Don't be afraid, OK? OK, say anything?”

Hill tells them: “Can I have a drink please? Water… “

A Russian commander said: “Yes. Just water.”

It is unclear that any verdict has been passed on Hill, even though he has been warned to expect the death penalty.

In contrast, Aslin and Pinner are now appealing against death sentences in the DPR.

There are hopes they could be swapped with Russians held by Ukraine.

If not, they will be given the chance to appeal for clemency to Denis Pushilin , head of the 'republic'.

But he has already said on record that he sees no grounds to grant them a pardon.


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